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This is so easy; we can all generate money for the club when shopping on line or even when using a search engine.  Thank you to Alistair Sharman for bringing this to our attention it is something that he has been doing for a couple of years and although he had informed the club, the information about it had not really been widely distributed. 

There are basically two forms of revenue:


 This is a search engine which instead of taking the entire click revenue for itself, shares some with good causes. It’s a pretty good search engine as its using yahoo to do the actual searches. 
This is the link to the search page:-
Although individual searches don't generate much (it works out about 0.5p per search) these accumulate over time it will never generate much per person but if we could get a reasonable number of people using it then the money could add up.

This is run by the same organisation, and you register first, - part of the registration process means giving them an email address, and selecting  Pontblyddyn Cricket Club as your good cause.


There is a link below  - which has a £5 promotion running (once the recipient has signed on and raised £10 themselves - which could take a while! – but it all helps – please try it - it costs nothing!)


Again the % is not massive (typically 1 - 1.5% of the sale) but there are two good things about it :-
a) they have good coverage, so for example Amazon, Currys, Marks & Spencer, Asda, Sainsbury, Premier Inns are all included as are many others
b) you can load an add on into your browser (certainly for Google Chrome and some versions of Internet Explorer) which means you don't have to go through their site, just going to an eligible merchant's site gives you a prompt saying "do you want Easyfundraising to register any purchases from this site?" - so you never forget and there's no hassle.
In the two years that Alistair has been using this he estimates that he has raised an average of £35 per year for the club without doing or buying anything he wouldn’t have done normally– simply by clicking a mouse button.

Thank you again Alistair for bringing this to our attention now it’s time for us all to get involved.

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